Sunday, July 3, 2011

Color Splash

Section of mural along Columbia Ave., Phila PA

A simple walk to a park in Philadelphia offers one a chance to see the colorful works by Philadelphia's world renowned muralists. I recently encountered these vibrant designs at an underpass while strolling with my dog Betsy to Fishtown's Penn Treaty Park, located along the banks of the Delaware River. The images brought to life an otherwise blank cement wall, and helped highlight our excitement for a romp in the park and a cool summer breeze from our great river. 

Betsy at PennTreaty.
Next week, Designer In Exile is featuring some insightful interviews with a few of the Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia's many talented artists. The city's murals are certainly fun to look at, but there's a whole lot more to them than just being paintings on a wall. You'll find out why the program is so powerful and enriching for the city, and why it's the toast of the world. These images along Columbia Avenue are not official works of the Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia, but they express a good sense of summer holiday fun, nonetheless.

Likewise, for a special Fourth of July tribute to American architecture, see my previous article The Architecture of Democracy. It's about the great legacy and eventful life of Philly spawned designer Benjamin Latrobe, one of our nation's first architects and the man who bravely saved our capital from near aesthetic disaster.--D.A. DeMers.

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  1. Nice visuals indeed!


  2. Sweet. Philly through an implant's eyes. Love it. Took a quick spin through your blog. Liked the article on The Trinity. Not many out there (besides myself) who can appreciate the unique beauty of two of America's large cities (Philly and Chicago). And root for each of its teams!


  3. Thanks for the nice comments. Chicago and Philly - two beautiful cities for sure. Also, if you've noticed, I tend to sneak a reference to my little sweatheart beagle, Betsy, when opportunity permits. Sometimes wonder if the fame and attention is too much for her, like with the child actors.