Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Philly Mischief - Keepin' it Clean

Tips for de-egging.
Mischief Night, Halloween, and the World Series season can pose irksome challenges for the average Philadelphia homeowner. You very well may find yourself cleaning eggs off your house or car and TP from your trees - tasks that can certainly be frustrating to tackle, but since it only happens once a year, don't let it get you in a bad mood.

Here is some helpful how-to advice for cleaning up, as well as a few tips on keeping your home and possessions safe when the looting and riots begin after a Phillies World Series victory.

If the eggs that your neighborhood kids pelted your house with hit a window, you'll need the items listed below. Most of these items can be easily purchased at your local hardware store:

1. A clean rag and bucket of warm soapy water, preferably a non-toxic formula.

2. A toothbrush and wire grill brush.

3. A soft bristle broom and a dust pan.

Wipe the egged glass with a generous amount of warm sudsy water. If the eggs have been there for a few days and dried, the work can be a bit of a bugger at first, but eventually they should emulsify and come off fairly easy. You may need to pick the crusty shells off with your fingers if the rag doesn't wipe them away.

Use wire brush.
To clean the yellow goo from your screens, I suggest wetting them and then using a combo of both the toothbrush and wire grill brush to pick away at the mess and scrub it out.

If you live in the Fishtown part of Philly, like me, you may have been completely besieged by a full-on arsenal of eggs, so be aware that this job may be time-consuming. Egging is a long-standing tradition here, so have a chuckle about it, put on your ipod and have fun wiping the crud away. Don't be grumpy!

When all is done, simply sweep up the eggshells from your sidewalk. I recommend a soft bristle broom to easily get down into the cracks and crevices of the city's neglected, unrepaired concrete.

Sweep eggshells from sidewalk.
After the Phillies win the World Series, as always, be vigilant and take necessary precautions to prevent harm to your home and property. Especially watch out for the possibility of your car being overturned and set on fire.

Below is a picture I took today of what I believe is a mother demonstrating to her children how to get a car right-side-up. I don't suggest attempting this yourself. It's best to simply call the police immediately, and allow them to handle it. Attempting to right an overturned car can be very dangerous, especially if you haven't done it before. So stay calm and let's all have a safe post-victory night of chaos this time around.

Mother with children in Fishtown neighborhood.

All clear and flyin' the Phlag.

To see stats on the Phillies in the sustainable stadium race, see our post America's Greenest Ballpark. Go Phillies!

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  1. Thanks for the egg cleaning tips. We didnt get hit this year, but last year someone managed to reach the windows on our third floor.

    Love the photo of the mom with the car. Hopefully she is demonstrating how to right the car, not tip it!

  2. This is so funny, and I'm so glad you finally sent me a link to your blog, because all of your posts are great!