Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dreams of a Mad Scientist

This weekend in Philadelphia, the Tesla Science Foundation is hosting its annual Nikola Tesla Energy Independence Celebration to commemorate the birthday of the influential inventor and his prolific contributions to science and technology. The event, according the foundation's press release, brings together scientists, inventors and enthusiasts for a three-day conference themed to highlight the need for a new energy paradigm.

Tesla turbine system

Tesla was a visionary inventor who lived during the turn of the 20th century. His achievements include the the discovery and development of radio, his experimentation with radiant energy of "invisible" kinds (later named X-rays), establishing the principles of frequency and power level for the first primitive radar units, the implementation of alternating current and the AC motor, wireless technology, and many other significant inventions that are commonplace aspects of the modern age.

Though ultimately stymied by jealous competing inventors and tyranical big business adversaries, Tesla's ideas have endured to the present day, perhaps being more relevant now than ever - especially his dream to bring clean, free energy to the world through advanced wireless technologies and similar concepts.

His extraordinary discoveries and designs related to this field are currently being utilized and researched by many scientists throughout the world, from electro-magnetic wave energy sources to wind turbine construction.

The greatness of his work, done with the betterment of humanity in mind, contrasts starkly with his own tragic personal life story, one of eventual isolation and exile from the world.

Tesla turbine.

Tesla alternating current motor.

The convention kicked off with a celebration "bash" Friday night at Philadelphia's Independence Center, a fitting site for the conference's "energy independence" theme. Lectures and other activities will be featured throughout the weekend at various locations, including a series of speaker forums at the Free Library of Philadelphia (no charge), a reception and dinner at Arch Street Meeting House ($20), and the official Tesla Foundation Conference at Two Liberty Place ($110 entrance fee). More info can be found at the Tesla Science Foundation website.--D.A. DeMers. 

Film short: Nikola Tesla - A Tribute to the Forgotten Wizard.
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