Thursday, August 5, 2010

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

I've gotten a lot of blog mileage from a recent visit back to my hometown of Chicago, so why stop now? Chicago has always been known for great design, architecture, and near miraculous engineering feats - when the river became a bit too stinky, they simply reversed the direction of its flow so it fed to the Mississippi.
Below are a few images I took to capture the city's creative, progressive and dramatic design essence. Some are a bit abstract. Can you identify their origin?


Images from top: (1 and 2) Helmut Jahn's colorful corridor installation at Ohare International Airport. (3) Rooftop of trainport at Union Station. (4) Glass window high-rise along Wacker drive. (5) Drawbridge along the South Loop section of the Chicago River. (6) Steps to the "El" train in the South Loop at Harrison Lasalle Street. (7) Design pattern on ceiling inside Union Station. (8) Great Hall at Union Station. (9) Union Station's grand Art Deco entrance-way. (10) Cars underneath the "El" tracks along Harrison Street.
All images by Douglas DeMers, free to use via cc license 1.0.
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  1. The third image looks like the top of one of the underground ports at Union Station. The first two are Helmut Jahn's terminal at Ohare airport.