Sunday, September 27, 2009

Killer Designs For Fall

Autumn is here, and so is a new season of TV shows. One of my favorites is Showtime's Dexter, the compelling series about a forensic specialist who also happens to be a serial killer - a cerebral-minded one at that. Watching Dexter has always been a solitary compulsion for me; I was convinced that I was alone in my addiction to the show...

But then I heard about the Dexter rooms and other Showtime TV series inspired interiors at the newly created Metropolitan Home Showtime House in Tribeca, and I knew I was not alone.

According to the design site "each of these six Showtime interior designs is themed around a particular popular Showtime original series. Some are elegant, others macabre, all according to the theme of the given show.

Perhaps the most interesting one (no surprise to those familiar with the show) is Dexter’s dining room. Dexter, the semi-heroic sociopath who uses his affliction to take out evildoers, has a fascination with blood that is also tied to his occupation as a blood spatter analyst for the police department. The furniture in this disturbingly white room shows the traces of a particularly brutal Dexter project.

An all-star team of designers was enlisted to convert this pricey Manhattan apartment into a showcase of these Showtime-inspired interior designs: Jamie Drake, Tori Golub, Laura Kirar, Amy Lau, White Webb, Vicente Wolf, Johnny Grey, Luca Andrisani, Kristen Brant, Jim Zivic and Enea worked on rooms representing Californication, The Tudors, Weeds, The L-Word and United States of Tara.

To go with these essentially themed core rooms are a set of support spaces that are equally impressive if not moreso, including an exterior garden space, funky modern kitchen, overly-pink lounge area and futuristic white media room. Regular readers beware: there are more bloody designs where this one came from – stay tuned!"

Visitors can tour the exhibit, which opened last week, until October 18th. For more details, see the Metropolitan Home Showtime House link at the bottom of this post.

Below is a fabulous time lapse video of designers creating the Dexter rooms:

An overview of the entire Showtime project in its early stages:

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