Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Splender In The Grass

My last couple posts have been a tad bleak. A friend mentioned that even listening to Joy Division songs cheered him up after the reads...

So this time let's take our minds to a warm, fuzzy place. I'm imagining a 70's style movie clip - a close-up of a sun drenched daisy field, followed by a zoom to a mod-styled Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg strolling gently in the distance to the sounds of soft grooves, then later, glasses of Riunti clinking in front of a glowing fireplace, shag rug and all.

Fast-forward a few decades and you'll get that same hip, fuzzy feeling at Grasshopper, a fabulous chic boutique in Old City, with all the latest fashions for the new generation of Jane Birkins and Serge Gainsbourgs. The stylish apparel and accessory shop, which recently celebrated its 3rd anniversary, is the creation of Tracy Lutz and Regina Louise, two young ladies with an amazingly keen and playful fashion sense.

Both met at a t-shirt design company here in Philadelphia, and though neither were of formal fashion design education, (albeit Tracy was previously a fashion model, and Regina worked in the design department at Philly-headquartered Urban Outfitters) they shared an intuition for style and love of clothes, and decided opening their own "supertique" would be an ultimate dream come true. 

They also seem to have an uncanny eye for interior design, especially 70's style, evidenced by the store's great decor. The walls are done with colorful mylar floral and photo prints, the crystal lighting fixtures give a neo-baroque sense of elegance, and the lipstick red metal fireplace and bearskin rug near the dressing rooms adds sexiness and warmth, literally.

"I didn't want this to be just another vanilla box," says Tracy, (referring to standard white-walled boutiques and galleries that house clothes and art) "I wanted the space itself to be art."

Based on the looks of Grasshopper, they've made that happen in a fun and beautiful way.

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